A Novel Based On Historical Facts & Apache Myths
Copyright 2016 Carol Sletten
Work In Progress

Apache Jesus begins with the precarious birth of a promised Apache prophet. It continues through his childhood and troubled youth and follows him on an epic journey through Arizona’s spectacular landscapes and ancient cultures. The young man encounters many dangers while wandering from place to place trying to tame the unsettled side of himself and find secrets to help his people survive intrusions into their traditional world. Though Silas John Edwards had serious character flaws, he became a powerful religious leader, which caused worried government officials to use questionable evidence when he was convicted of murder by an all-white jury. The medicine man was an inmate on McNeil Island when he discovered what happened to his twin brother. And after he had been there for many years, the famous mystery writer Earl Stanly Gardner decided to take up his case. Apache Jesus is a work of fiction with many mythical elements, and yet, some of the most interesting characters and incredible parts of the plot are based on facts.

Praise for Apache Jesus

"Fluent, poignant -- even mesmerizing in its evocations of the Apaches' spirit world."

-- A highly respected dean of creative writing at a major university, who reviewed this in-progress novel.

Carol's Biography

Carol Sletten is a writer, illustrator and speaker whose work reflects her fascination with the history, landscapes and people of the American West. She is co-author and illustrator of the Arizona Centennial Legacy Project, Story of the American West - Legends of Arizona and author of Three Strong Western Women.

In the past, Carol worked for an ad agency and a university information center. She did a stint as a reporter, taught at a community college, was co-owner of an art gallery and collected oral history. When she was on the East Coast, Carol had a gig as an artist in residence, designed publications and had a one woman show at the Staten Island Botanic Garden.

Carol’s popular play, Three Strong Western Women, is an ongoing success. She recently received a DAR Women in the Arts Recognition Award, was a finalist in the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Contest, and was chosen be a 2017 Petrified Forest National Park’s Artist-In-Residence. Carol lives and works in a cabin surrounded by forest a mile from the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona’s White Mountains.

Upcoming Appearances

Sept. 17 – Silver City, New Mexico
“Apaches & Lozen, a woman warrior who rode with Geronimo”
Presentation for the Fort Bayard Preservation Society
7 PM at the National Guard Armory

Sept. 20 – Payson, Arizona
“Arizona & the Myth of the West”
Presentation for Rim Country Historical Society
1 PM at the Rim Country Museum

Jan. 18, 2017
Green Valley, Arizona
Presentation from Three Strong Western Women

Jan. 21, 2017
Presentation from Three Strong Western Women

Presentations at the Petrified Forest National Park
(while Carol is staying at the park as a 2017 Artist-In-Residence)

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